If you own at least one, or domain name you have had the exclusive right to purchase the .uk equivalent…but that exclusivity is ending soon!   You are not in any way obliged to purchase the .uk domain, but you may want to protect your company by buying it.

Back in 2014 the shorter .uk domain name extension was introduced, and everyone who owned a,, or at that time, were given the rights to exclusively buy and register the equivalent .uk version.

However, in June 2019 that exclusive right is going to expire, after that anybody will be able to register your .uk equivalent domains! You may not be too worried about owning it and see it as another expense, but ultimately it can help to protect your business and your brand.

We registered the domain, straight away, and then redirected the .uk version to our main site, still at If we hadn’t of bought it, someone else could have snapped it up and set up a rival site using the name, which would have caused confusion, and could have damaged our reputation or ended up costing us business.

Purchasing your company .uk is the best way to protect you and your business against fraudsters and competitors.

Let us know if you want to register your .uk domain as we can do that on your behalf, or if you have any questions please contact us here».

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